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The team have been delivering music together starting around 2004, previously known as Mass Productions. The team has been known as the fate of classes and in November 2010, a mark named “San City High” delivered the band’s first authority single, “Impolite Boy”. A rendition of “Inconsiderate Boy” highlighting vocals from Omar Linx, a Toronto-put together rapper who has worked with respect to a few of Zeds Dead’s deliveries, was put out in March 2011. Zeds Dead’s numerous creations have accumulated great many perspectives on YouTube, beat out everyone else on Beatport, and procured them the help of the universes top DJ. Shop zeds dead merchandise T-Shirt

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Artist Discovery:

Zeds Dead acquired worldwide notoriety well before their first authority discharge by offering free downloads of their numerous creations, which they keep on doing as such to date. Their first self-delivered free melody was "Excursion of a Lifetime", which was proposed to fans as a free download in June 2009. Since Journey of a Lifetime, they have self-delivered almost 20 creations at no expense. They are a piece of another age of specialists who constantly discharge free music to the overall population and their fans (a method that was advocated by Radio-head and their 2007 collection, In Rainbows). Skream was quick to consider the team, highlighting their remix of Blue Foundation's "Eyes on Fire" on his public broadcast and live sets individually. Not long after delivering their remix of Eyes on Fire, Zed's Dead connected up with Dragonette for an authority remix of their 2010 delivery, "Well of lava".

Other Composed Work:

In the late spring of 2007, they delivered one Hip-Hop impacted collection as Mass Productions, entitled Fresh Beetz, prior to sending off Zeds Dead in 2009. Zeds Dead played their first live set at The Social in Toronto on June 11, 2009. In September 2010, they established a week by week party at the Toronto setting "751", called Bassmentality, close by The Killabits. Bassmentality, which moved to Wrongbar in November 2010, became famous for facilitating the top global abilities, and week by week exhibitions from Zeds Dead and The Killabits.


The name "Zeds Dead" comes from the team's genuine names, Zack and Dylan (Z and D), however it is additionally a reference to a line from the 1994 Quentin Truantino film, Pulp Fiction. Zeds Dead's unique self-delivered "1975" was highlighted in GHQ Magazine's 2010 Video Shoot with Russian Supermodel Irina Shayk.

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